Launch your first autoresponder in minutes

Most of the work to establish your marketing campaign has already been completed by us. Once your campaign is written and an account has been created, it usually takes less than 15 minutes to completely launch your autoresponder service. No installation required on your site—go live in minutes!


Easy transition from existing mail lists
You may have a campaign list of opt-in potential customers already, and don’t want to lose momentum because you’re leveraging this new technology.

Big Marketing offers full import capability FREE for all mail lists, which allows YOU to seamlessly transition into this new environment. Within the next 5 minutes, you could be using this powerful application to take control of your e-mail and newsletters and increasing your online income and sales with profitable e-mail promotions! Simply place your order, and within seconds our computers will automatically e-mail you the instructions you need to get started using Big Marketing Autoresponders immediately!

Big marketing idea

Big Marketing Autoresponders is the ultimate tool for turning your marketing system into a predictable, turn-key, cash-flow generating machine that works for you 24 hours a day – 7 days a week – EVEN WHEN YOU ARE NOT!

Boost your sales, build relationships, and make your online marketing efforts more fun and rewarding. Speak directly to your prospect and client’s interests with unlimited automated and targeted follow-up campaigns. This personalized communication over time builds trust and creates more responsive prospects and clients.


Here’s How It Works:
Your autoresponders are loaded with a series of personalized, pre-written messages to customers and/or prospects. The email address associated with the autoresponder, is promoted in a variety of methods both online and offline.

Once a prospect trips the autoresponder by submitting a form on the company website or sending an email to an advertised address, the prospect contact information is automatically dropped into your database and the marketing machine immediately sends out the first installment of the requested information.

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Strategies for Ezine Promotion

It’s your masterpiece.

You’ve worked hard to put together an informative and
interesting newsletter. Your current subscribers often
write to tell you how much they enjoy it. So why are you
having so many problems getting new subscribers?

The fact of the matter is, there are countless free
newsletters available to anyone who wishes to receive
them… so unfortunately for ezine editors, “free”
isn’t enough to draw people to you.

Here are a few suggestions to help you build your

1. Be Consistent.

Marketing your newsletter is the only way you’re going
to find new subscribers. You need to first let people
know that your newsletter is available… then persuade
them that you have something unique and valuable to
offer. Come up with an informative description that
stresses the benefits of subscribing, and then start
promoting. Some ways to promote your ezine include:

Submit to ezine directories

Use announcement lists

Promote your ezine in your sig file

Write articles and leave a link to your ezine in your
resource box

Put a signup box on every page of your website

Experiment with pop-up subscription boxes

Propose ezine co-opts with other editors: you can promote
your newsletters together for extra exposure

Include subscription links within your eBooks or reports.

Use the web

If you have a web site, and most people do, then every time
someone visits try and capture their name to send them an
email newsletter. You can do this through a pop up box or
simply through a field where they can enter their email
address. Again you’ll build up your distribution lists
effectively. And the more people who receive your
newsletter the more you~ll sell by staying at the front of
their minds.

Make sure that it’s easy to sign up and don’t ask for too
much information. Some companies take just the email
address whilst others want the christian and surname and
maybe company name. This is fine but if you start asking
for preferences, areas of interest etc then you may find
that your visitors don’t finish the sign up process. If you
are going to request lots of information then look at your
web stats to see how many of your visitors don’t complete
the sign-up ~ then try and figure out why.

Build lists

What if you want to grow your database? Well one really
effective way is to purchase in a list and conduct a
telemarketing campaign to mail people. This way you~ll
quickly build your in-house lists. There are numerous
specialist sources of lists but make sure that you don~t
purchase a list that comes complete with email addresses.
If you can then you~re likely to find the lists has been
overused and is tired and that means you’ll get a poor
response rate.

Your husband will be happy to be here :

Building your Email List

Everybody knows the clear benefits of email
marketing. It is a low cost means of generating an
exceptional response rate. The problem is, if you
don’t have email addresses then you can’t conduct an
email campaign in any meaningful way. There are a
number of things you can do to build your email
lists quickly and effectively:

Conduct a Telemarketing Campaign

Believe it or not one of the easiest ways to obtain email
addresses is to conduct a telemarketing campaign to ask for
them. By using well defined processes and systems it is
possible to obtain around 15 email addresses per person per
hour. If you want to start email marketing by obtaining the
addresses for say 5,000 of your customers this will take
two telemarketing staff around five weeks. Then, forever
more, you have the email addresses for 5,000 of your

Always ask for the email address

Make sure that every time you make contact with a customer
or prospect you obtain their email address. Whilst you’re
talking to them you can also ask them, in a convincing
manner, if they~d like to receive a newsletter from
yourselves. Most people like to receive well written,
informative email so you should get a greater than 80%
positive response rate. If you have 5 sales people talking
to 15 customers per day then after one month you~ll have
1,200 of your prospects or customers that have “opted in”
to receive a newsletter from your company.