Strategies for Ezine Promotion

It’s your masterpiece.

You’ve worked hard to put together an informative and
interesting newsletter. Your current subscribers often
write to tell you how much they enjoy it. So why are you
having so many problems getting new subscribers?

The fact of the matter is, there are countless free
newsletters available to anyone who wishes to receive
them… so unfortunately for ezine editors, “free”
isn’t enough to draw people to you.

Here are a few suggestions to help you build your

1. Be Consistent.

Marketing your newsletter is the only way you’re going
to find new subscribers. You need to first let people
know that your newsletter is available… then persuade
them that you have something unique and valuable to
offer. Come up with an informative description that
stresses the benefits of subscribing, and then start
promoting. Some ways to promote your ezine include:

Submit to ezine directories

Use announcement lists

Promote your ezine in your sig file

Write articles and leave a link to your ezine in your
resource box

Put a signup box on every page of your website

Experiment with pop-up subscription boxes

Propose ezine co-opts with other editors: you can promote
your newsletters together for extra exposure

Include subscription links within your eBooks or reports.

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