Building your Email List

Everybody knows the clear benefits of email
marketing. It is a low cost means of generating an
exceptional response rate. The problem is, if you
don’t have email addresses then you can’t conduct an
email campaign in any meaningful way. There are a
number of things you can do to build your email
lists quickly and effectively:

Conduct a Telemarketing Campaign

Believe it or not one of the easiest ways to obtain email
addresses is to conduct a telemarketing campaign to ask for
them. By using well defined processes and systems it is
possible to obtain around 15 email addresses per person per
hour. If you want to start email marketing by obtaining the
addresses for say 5,000 of your customers this will take
two telemarketing staff around five weeks. Then, forever
more, you have the email addresses for 5,000 of your

Always ask for the email address

Make sure that every time you make contact with a customer
or prospect you obtain their email address. Whilst you’re
talking to them you can also ask them, in a convincing
manner, if they~d like to receive a newsletter from
yourselves. Most people like to receive well written,
informative email so you should get a greater than 80%
positive response rate. If you have 5 sales people talking
to 15 customers per day then after one month you~ll have
1,200 of your prospects or customers that have “opted in”
to receive a newsletter from your company.

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